Where do I begin? Blogging is new to me and yet exciting! I have been a licensed nail technician in Wyoming for 25 years. I didn’t set out to make this my life long career but turns out I am good at it!! I have volunteered for many other organizations including president of the WTS Chamber of Commerce. I became a part time orthodontist assistant for 11 years, but still found my greatest passion and energy was best at my nail tech table.

     I have been a salon owner for 24 years and have had many techs come my way, fresh out of school and eager to begin. Hard part is what you learn in school is not exactly what you need to begin in your career. I created a plan to help my tech as booth renters  not only build a clientele but know how to achieve any nail design and theme the client desired. We worked together as a team and we learned together achieving beautiful nails and amazing nail art.

     I have specialized in salon nails rather than competition nails. I want my clients to have the most durable nails for their day to day tasks while looking fabulous doing them.  I have been recognized and published in multiple nail magazines, social media sites and beauty blogs.  The best reviews aren’t from social media but when the client comes back after 4 weeks for a fill and tell me everything the nails did and hear about all the compliments they had. This is the most rewarding experience. 


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