Genre technique

A couple years ago I introduced my well thought our product plan to a top name company thinking: This is definetly where the industry is heading…only to be told great idea but that is not where we are headed.  I felt like there must be something pretty amazing happening in the industry because I truly believe in this technique and what they have must be better…I still continued to perfect and create using this technique and still no sign of a revolutionary product..just DIP systems layered over glue.

I continued on being me and doing what Iam passionate about and with confidence from my family and clients (friends) I decided to see what it would take to have my own product line and sell my own technique…..well that is overwhelming!!!!  google ideas and there are many companies willing to help for a huge fee. So where to begin…I began with looking a patents..hmmm noone has a patent for my technique so I turn in paperwork and now its patent pending. Create a name for the technique…that was a tricky one because apparently most soft gel names are taken from the sexual lubrication companies…that will forever be image in my brain.  After having a conversation about music genres with my daughter and googling the definition of genre…it all came to me..the aw ha moment. My technique is a genre of nail techniques but still considered nail enhancing…so there it is GENRE Nail Technique is now the name and submitted in for trademarking.

But here is where it (so far) all comes full circle…the TOP company that I mentioned earlier…they called me last week..oh yes they did!!!!  They want my technique.

What to think? Now? But I just did all this patent stuff and workshops and time? Do I just give it all away?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! When the patent comes in I can negotiate with not just their company but any who are interested and still do my own line if I want! No limits!

Its amazing how following your heart, passion and what you believe in, can come to fruition at a time not always when you want it to but when…. its meant to be.

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