Is it all..worth it

Have you ever found yourself saying “is it all worth it”? The time invested, the money wasted, the continuous repetition of hour to hour clients. Putting our best self together only to go sit either watching others stay busy around us or sit alone with no clients. Wondering when do I get my change to shine and prove my ability and worth!!

Well guess what…Every tech has had this moment!  From my research I find that it takes a mentor to get to the next level quicker. For me there has been many mentors and they are still inspiring me. And now its my time to be that person for another tech…be a mentor!

Being apart of online group of techs a post caught my heart and I cant shake it. Recently some are ready to throw in the towel for good. Actually a lot more than I would have expected. I thought with so many online mentors and social media videos they still feel alone and uninspired. The common denominator….no mentor! Its so important to find another tech and reach out and help each other through the tough times and rise above what we see as competition…when in reality they are doing what they can to survive as well in this industry.

My website is created for exactly this…networking nail techs to be our best and knowing that YES, the time invested is invested into ourselves being able to schedule around our hectic lives for what matters the most, the money wasted on companies who have clever marketing making clients and tech think they have to have it all and reality you just need the basics and perfect that, the repetition of hour to hour clients keeping us focused and bring pictures to challenge our minds and creativity, as long as we still keep putting our best self together and willing to continue on, find a mentor, create our uniquenesses and be consistent in what we do…the towel you were ready to throw in…can wipe away your tears of success knowing you did it!!

Hang in there and reach out… I am here to help, trust me is ALL WORTH IT!

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