Advertising Tips

Advertising is key in building a clientele. Do you have a Facebook business page? Pinterest Board? Instagram? If you dont…this is your time!!!! Contact me and I can help you set up your business page.

When a client chooses a picture from the internet and brings to you at their appointment, they have taken the time to search and find the perfect set they want you to mimic and create. This can be a challenge to us techs not knowing what products they used, is your clients nails similar to picture to mimic similar results, what color is that, is that a sticker…??? Honesty is our best policy, I say… Those are gorgeous and I will do my best to recreate those with my own twist. I am not sure of the products they used for this but I think this will work. After the service is completed and you have asked a million times if they like it…. then the best thing to do is position their hands like the picture they provided and this will automatically show a similarity to them. It also gives us the challenge to recreate poses for our own portfolio that is eye appealing.

Once you have the picture of your creation cropped and ready to publish,  then post on your business page and tag the client in the comments so it will be view able to their friends as well. Posting using this format allows you to get free advertising to possible other clients in your area. Remember to ask your client to like your page and look for their super model hands to be posted. This makes them feel special and be able to brag a bit and maybe even leave you a review.


Creative advertising is key…I am here to help!

October 8, I am doing a 4 day Live Workshop with Nail Techs Helping Nail Techs. This workshop will cover how to get your page publish ready, how to pose your clients and capture the best shot and where to advertise. this workshop is a group workshop and is $25 per tech. contact me for more details.


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