What’s your specialty?

What’s your specialty? What is your favorite service to provide in your salon? What do you want to be known for? Your specialty can change over the years as your techniques develop and products update. When we go to dinner. We ask what the specials are which is a direct reflection of the chefs specialty. When a client asks what our specialty is…give them a direct answer with confidence and say “Thank you for asking  My specialty is____I enjoy doing_____ because____.” When we have a specialty and we become unique in our ways, fast, consistent and confident. When we discover our specialty  it is a direct reflection of us and we attract like minded clients…if your specialty is pedicures and you describe the pampering process you use, this gets the clients attention you did not have to sell them on it, it becomes a must for them to have. Allowing you to continue pampering with the service you like to do the best. Your specialty!!!! What is your specialty?

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