FREE LIVE workshops

Come join me for some FREE LIVE Nail Workshops!!!! I am admin on a couple groups on Facebook where I do nail art, product troubleshooting, share cost saving tips and time saving tricks. follow me on Facebook at: Perfect 10 Advanced Nail Workshops, Nail Techs Helping Nail Techs and Nail Tech Network. Great networking groups…Read more »

What’s your specialty?

What’s your specialty? What is your favorite service to provide in your salon? What do you want to be known for? Your specialty can change over the years as your techniques develop and products update. When we go to dinner. We ask what the specials are which is a direct reflection of the chefs specialty.…Read more »

Advertising Tips

Advertising is key in building a clientele. Do you have a Facebook business page? Pinterest Board? Instagram? If you dont…this is your time!!!! Contact me and I can help you set up your business page. When a client chooses a picture from the internet and brings to you at their appointment, they have taken the…Read more »

Genre technique

A couple years ago I introduced my well thought our product plan to a top name company thinking: This is definetly where the industry is heading…only to be told great idea but that is not where we are headed.  I felt like there must be something pretty amazing happening in the industry because I truly…Read more »

Is it all..worth it

Have you ever found yourself saying “is it all worth it”? The time invested, the money wasted, the continuous repetition of hour to hour clients. Putting our best self together only to go sit either watching others stay busy around us or sit alone with no clients. Wondering when do I get my change to…Read more »

Upload overload

We have spent all day making videos to cover many topics to explain our workshops and how we can customize them for you. I can now add techy to my nerdy knowledge of… hope to never use again! lol.  Please leave feedback of what you would like to see and what I can improve on. Todays…Read more »